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Rappid bootloader - limited time before application start

Question asked by marko burnik on Aug 22, 2017


I hope it won't be wrong if I wrote my question here due to rappid bootloader and s12zvm.

For bootloading our microcontroller S12ZVM over CAN, we would like to use your Rappid bootloader. The botloading itself is successful, but we found some unwanted behavior- if some traffic is present on CAN bus before power ON, the microcontroller goes in mode where wait the correct data to start bootloading.

Is there any possibility to set time after power on, CAN baudrate, message ID and exact data for bootload start?

So controller would check in time window after power on if the message with exact baudrate (without autobaudrate), ID and data come, else it would go in application.

If anything of this is not possible is then maybe possible to block bootloading over CAN, so only bootloading over serial communication would be possible?

Thank you!