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JN5168+RFX2401C,the pulse image of transmit heartbeat frame ?

Question asked by song huang on Aug 18, 2017

My program is based on the 802.15.4 protocol developed, the hardware using JN5168 chip and RFX2401C amplifier
The working mode is as follows:
(1) a coordinator, two to three terminals.
(2) the terminal every sleep wake up after a week to send a heartbeat to the coordinator to continue to sleep, continue to cycle.
Questions are as follows:
(1) I will download the same program to the circuit board, and some boards can normally send heartbeat frames, but some boards can not send heartbeat frames.
(2) can not normally send heartbeat frame board, if the send function to perform twice, then the second delivery can be successful.
Picture: monitor the pulse on the power supply, the normal need 1ms, not only about 0.4ms normal.


This picture is the normal board dormant wake up after the power side of the 10 ohm resistor at both ends of the voltage waveform, you can see the launch cost of 1ms



This picture is not normal board dormant wake up after the power side of the series 10 ohm resistor voltage across the waveform, you can see the launch only spent 0.4ms


The same procedure why is this situation? Circuit board devices are basically the same, there are only differences in welding.
Thank you for pointing