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Linker cannot find __sys_readc, and shouldn't be looking for it

Question asked by Norman Jones on Aug 10, 2017

I am using LPCxpresso for a target of LPC824M201JDH20. It is our board, not a development board. I can get another project to run and emit characters out the USART0 and 2.


But with the main project code the Linker reports:

....../../arm-none-eabi/lib/armv6-m\libcr_c.a(__fillbuf.o): In function `_Csys_read_':
__fillbuf.c:(.text._Csys_read_+0xe): undefined reference to `__sys_readc'


I have no printf or scanf calls, no #include "stdio.h", no stream I/O, and I am not using any debug out except for direct USART0 with ring buffers (no fancy USART to USB). I don't see why the linker should be trying to find this. In addition to __sys_readc it is complaining that these are also undefined references:


Where do I start looking for the file or setting that is causing LPCxpresso to think that these functions should be used?


Attached is the list of steps when creating this new project.

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