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iMX6 SPI Read Timing Issue

Question asked by Narasimma DLN on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Narasimma DLN

Hi I'm using iMX6 Quad with Linux Kernel 3.14.38, i'm trying to read data from ADC chip through SPI interface, i'm having the throughput issue, so when i probed on the scope each SPI read takes more than 70 microseconds, but our requirement is read 128bit data less than 20 microseconds.


Find the attached Timing snapshot between SCLK and Chip Select.


It consumes more time on following operations,

  • SPI Read call to CS Low
  • CS Low to First SCLK
  • Last SCLK to CS High
  • CS High to SPI Read call finished 


Please help me to resolve this issue.