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KDS 3.0 CPU build option for Release v.s. Debug

Question asked by Henry Nguyen on Jul 25, 2017
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I would like to configure the embedded application codes to have different starting address for text and interrupt vectors. For debug mode, i would like to set the vector address start out at 0x0 so i can generate the codes and download directly to the board for interactive debug mode, but for release mode, i would like to set the vector address to start out at e.g. 0x40000.  Setting this information is done in CPU Build Options tab in KDS.


The reason is that in release mode, we have a boot loader starts out at 0x0 and then load the application codes to address 0x40000 and then jumps there once the CRC check is good.


In Keil uVision, we can set different starting point for interrupt vectors / codes depending on configuration.  i can not find it in KDS 3.0.  


can you please advise on how to go about this?