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about i.MX51 WEIM for Parallel NOR Flash Configration

Question asked by George Fukutomi on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2017 by George Fukutomi

Dear all,


Currently, my customer is manufacturing the product using i.MX51.

* The product OS is WinCE.


The product is connected to parallel NOR-Flash via WEIM.

The parallel NOR-Flash which they will use soon reaches EOL.

Therefore, they are going to change into NOR which supports only asynchronous access.


They did the test using the current NOR.

* The current NOR supports synchronous and asynchronous access.


They only disable SRD bit into CS0GCR1 register.

But the NOR-Flash value cannot be correctly read only by it.


It seems that their product has passed since development for many years, and the product designer is not.


They are set emi_clk_sel into CBCDR register and they say that can read correctly.

But I do not think it as the correct way.


How should I advise them?

I think that register setting for WEIM will be heard.

If there is a better way, please tell me.


Best Regards,