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LPC4337 spifif add support mx25l25635f

Question asked by Leo Hong on Jul 20, 2017

I use the MX25L25635F for LPC4337, but the lpcspifi library does not support this flash,

I try to add some configuration to rebuild library,

but it alwary return device is locked error.

Could you kindly support me to make a new library for mx25l25635f?


SPIFI Lib Version 0111
SPIFI clock rate 995121
FAMILY: Common SPIFI Command Set
Device family = MX25FL25635F
Capabilities = 0x1009d
Device size = 33554432
Max Clock Rate = 80000000
Erase blocks = 512
Erase block size = 65536
Erase sub-blocks = 8192
Erase sub-blocksize = 4096
Write page size = 256
Max single readsize = 16128
Current dev status = 0x0
Current options = 0
SPIFI final Rate = 68000000

Unlocking device...
Erasing device...

EraseBlocks() Error:5 Device is locked

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