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Why ADC1_DM1 multiplexing is "reserved" but works from example on K65?

Question asked by Aurelien Grange on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by Aurelien Grange

Hi everybody,

I have planned to use for a new board all 3 differentials ADC input of the K65.
At the beginning I hope to use each of differential signal as single one to get 6 single ADC input.

I have notice that the input ADC1_DP1 can be used both in single or differential mode, but the ADC1_DM1 (PIN M1 in TWR-K65F180M) is only available in differential mode.
As it seems strange, I used the "lawadc" example to test this pin (With ADC1 Channel AD20).
The example works perfectly so I read the reference Manuel and I see that this signal is “RESERVED”.

I would like to know if it is an errata or if there is a reason that the reference manual (p960 Rev3) indicates "Reserved"?

Thanks for your details.