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MPC5777M standalone startup problem

Question asked by Chris Gerlinsky on Jul 15, 2017

Using the MPC5777M EVB motherboard and MPC5777M_416DS daughtercard, I am able to run a test program from flash when debugging using PEmicro Cyclone, but without the debugger running the software does not run.


The first thing I do in main() is to set PA0 low, and even this does not occur unless the debugger is connected and running.  After resetting the MPC5777M, main() doesn't appear to run.  When I read flash, the boot header looks correct and points to the program in flash (looks OK as far as I can tell).


The software is a simple UART test program (based on  To create the software I made a new project using S32 Design Studio and copied the example code into main.c (code attached).  This is a simple program that runs on the IOP CPU only.


Any help to identify what I'm missing that prevents the software starting in standalone mode on the MPC5777M EVB would be appreciated!

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