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EIM write and read Turn around time Issue

Question asked by udaya kumar on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by 吴智 吴智


      We use EIM to write and read a SRAM in asynchronous mode ,where i could able to read and write with the configuration below in IMX6Q.


EIM_CS0GCR1 = 0x00010081

EIM_CS0GCR2 = 0x00000000

EIM_CS0RCR1 = 0x04000000

EIM_CS0RCR2 = 0x00000000

EIM_CS0WCR1= 0x04000000

EIM_CS0WCR2= 0x00000000


where read and write able to do in 30 ns and the turn around time in between is 270 ns.




1. I need to reduce the turn around time less than 40 ns could it be acheivable ?

2. where I need to change the configuration and things to taken care to acheive write and read with turn around time less than 100 ns?


thanks in advance ..