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Protected & Obfuscated Code?

Question asked by jfrey on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by jfrey

Digging into the MBD I've found that almost all of the core functionality is obfuscated and protected with the matlab pcode function


I can understand hiding some of the licensing code, but is there a reason that almost all of the callbacks and functions are hidden?


For example I would like to change the Largest atomic size from Double to Single, however the code that sets the variables is hidden: Bad example. Matlab imposes this 'lock'. Point still stands.


I understand that "open" development is relatively new to NXP (and 'our' industry as a whole) however with the code available everyone that uses it would have the opportunity to fix and improve it. 


Understandably lawyers can be skittish when it comes to this, however it seems to be the way almost all software development is going.