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USBDM semihosting, how to ?

Question asked by Alex John on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by pgo

Hi all,

We have established FDRM-KE02Z40M with USBDM firmware as a standalone programmer/debugger. So far so good, beside certain installation difficulties, it looks connecting to our target board well.

Actually I am looking to a way how to see a console output from target board (to see our printf debug outputs basically). I have tried semihosting options of USBDM, but unfortunately I was not able to catch any outputs in standard KDS console so far. When a debugging session is started or when the GDB console is opened directly from USBDM menu, it has shortly title "Usbdm Gdb Semihosting Console...", but it disappears after any further user activity and turns to normal Console.


The question: what is the proper setting of project and/or USBDM to make "printf" working ?


We use KDS 3.2.0., USBDM .170 (build from github), Kubuntu 14.04, Target proc. is MKE02 and we test PE based projects so far.


USBDM - GDB command is:

/usr/bin/UsbdmGdbServer-debug -target=arm -device=MKE02Z64M4 -port=1234 -tty=4321 -requiredBdm=USBDM-OPENSDA-0001 -power=500,200 -reset=100,100,100 -speed=4000 -erase=Mass -security=Smart -timeout=10 -auto=Always -useReset


Any clue ?


In case the the USBDM semihosting is not viable, is there any other way how to see outputs of target board using FRDM board as debugger - serial port or so ? Please suggest something.