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Question asked by tongyue huang on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by chen xiubo


      My project is using  canfd  module, and we encounted some questions, please see the drive code attach.


1. canfd transmit time:

    We put the canfd transmit module in 1 second task, but through the PCAN-View, it apperans 2s. I checked the PIT Timer,     and it is right for 1s.  When we  put the can(not canfd) transmit module in 1 second task,  through the PCAN-View, it      apperans 1s.


2.canfd interrupt:

   Through the PCAN-View , it  transmitted  canfd-standard  id and canfd-extended id msgs, sometimes  they both could  enter  receive interrupt, but sometimes canfd-standard id msgs could not   enter  receive interrupt, and canfd-extended id msgs could enter  receive interrupt.(0xC9  is canfd-standard id,  not everytime enter receive interrupt; 0x18FF00F5 is canfd-extended id and everytime could enter receive interrupt)


The attachment inclues  can.c and main.c.  

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