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Encountered several problems when using Vivante tools to analyze .vpd files generated by vprofiler

Question asked by 智浦 恩 on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Bio_TICFSL

The development environment is imx6q platform, linux kernel version is 3.14.52.

When I use the vProfiler tool to test gpu utilization (the .vpd files generated by vProfiler in Linux and use Vivante gpu tools (vAnalyzer) to view vpd files in Windows), encountered several problems as follows:


1.Running the samples in viv_samples/vdk coming with kernel 3.14.52, there is only 1 .vpd files generated.

However, running my simple Qt program(using QOpenGLWidget), there are 4 .vpd files generated, 2 of them contain only 1 frame and the other 2 contain expected number of frames. Why are there multiple .vpd files generated?

four vpd files


2. between the 2 "valid" .vpd file mentiond at 1,  gpu utilization is different, one is big(over 80%) and the other is small (below 30%), and the addition of the 2 gpu utilization value is bigger than 100%(why?) 



driver and gpu utilization

3. what does driver utilization mean ? Actully, I also want to known the exact meaning of gpu utilization because of the above question.

What's the meaning of Frame time and Driver time? What's the difference between Driver Utlization and GPU Utlization? 


Thanks in advance!