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LPC54608 SCTimer trigger the DMA

Question asked by Kaiyue WANG on Jun 6, 2017
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I am using the SCTimer match mode to generate trigger for DMA on the board LPC54608. But it seems that there are problemes.


I use the PIO0_0 FUNC_4 as SCT0_GPI0, and the PIO0_2 FUNC_3 as SCT0_OUT0. And when I debug the project, the COUNT register doesn't change. And the SCT has never send the trigger to DMA.

Could anyone help me?


My code  is below (I am using the SDK for LPC54608):

static void GPIO_Init(void)


   //Define a digital output pin configuration,
   gpio_pin_config_t configOut =


   GPIO_PinInit(GPIO, SCT0_OUT0_PORT, SCT0_OUT0_PIN, &configOut);
   GPIO_WritePinOutput(GPIO, SCT0_OUT0_PORT, SCT0_OUT0_PIN, 0);

   IOCON_PinMuxSet(IOCON, SCT0_GPI0_PORT, SCT0_GPI0_PIN, IOCON_INPFILT_OFF |                                     IOCON_DIGITAL_EN);
   IOCON_PinMuxSet(IOCON, SCT0_OUT0_PORT, SCT0_OUT0_PIN, IOCON_FUNC3 | IOCON_INPFILT_OFF |                                     IOCON_DIGITAL_EN);

   gpio_pin_config_t configIn =

   GPIO_PinInit(GPIO, SSEL_PORT, SSEL_PIN, &configIn);
   GPIO_PinInit(GPIO, SCT0_GPI0_PORT, SCT0_GPI0_PIN, &configIn);
   // GPIO_WritePinOutput(GPIO, SSEL_PORT, SSEL_PIN, 0);