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Only one register can read data when using MPC5744P

Question asked by 乐舟 叶 on Jun 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by 乐舟 叶

Hi everyone,


There are 4 SPI registers in the MPC5744P : SPI0 -SPI4 .When communicating with another chip using master mode , I found that only one SPI register (SPI2) was able to receive and read data from the slave chip .For other 3 registers , correct waveform can be observed by the oscilloscope on the SCK、SDO、SIN and CS pins ,and they have the same SPI timing as SPI2 register , but the received data of these three registers were awlays 0 .


Meanwhile , SPI2 register has 2 pins of SIN --A[2] and A[13] ,I found that only use A[2] as the SIN can read the received data ,using A[13] has the same problem as described above.


Is there some specific configuration for specific SPI registers or I missed something when Configure the SPI register? I want to know the reason why in the same configuration, only a SPI register can communicate properly?


Hoping for your help.


Thank you sincerely.