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Can we generate PWM of less than 100 Hz using Flex IO

Question asked by Nitin verma on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Daniel Martynek

Dear Support Team,


We have two issues when we are configuring Flexio as PWMO.

1.We are using FRDM PK 144-100. We have a requirement to generate the PWM of 10 to 500 Hz frequency with different range of duty cycle using FLEX IO module. However We are not able to generate the frequency less than 100 Hz. We have selected SIRC as clock source for FLEX IO module and configure it with 2 Mhz(Minimum) with divisor of 64(Maximum). Please guide us to meet the requirements.

2. We observed some inaccuracy in frequency, it is deviated by 1%. Please guide if can resolve this issue as well.

Please find the attached screen shot for clock setting.



Nitin verma