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SAI I2S on FRDM K64F (Synchronized Tx with Rx)

Question asked by marcin99 on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by marcin99

Hello, I am having issues with configuring the SAI in FRDM K64F to the following mode:


SAI_Rx is slave and gets FS and BCK from external audio ADC.

SAI_Rx sends BCK and FS to SAI_Tx

SAI_Tx is a master and sends BCK and FS to the external amplifier.

Both Tx and Rx are in I2S mode

SAI_MCLK - should this be configured as external input and get it from the ADC as well?


I have SDK 2.2 but I'm configuring registers manually to have better understanding.. but it is not working.


To get the above config, the datasheet instructs to set the Rx  to A-sync mode and Tx to Sync mode. I configured the other registers to the best of my knowledge, but I cannot get the Tx BCK to be sourced from the SAI_Rx. The Tx BCK defaults to internal 24MHz clock.