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flash self test - HCS08SG8

Discussion created by Giacomo Petrini on Aug 12, 2008
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for a (automotive) project I need to do a flash self-test at power up in order to be sure that the flash is not corrupted.
I'm using a HCS08SG8 processor (CW 6.1).
I already found the checksum.c library and made it works.

Now I have to understand which CRC or checksum is better. Or course I need either speed and safety.

As far as I understand CRC32 is the best, then CCITT, 16, 8 and other checksum (ADD,XOR,...).
But I have to explain my choice (for the moment is CCITT) to my superior and to the customer.

For the speed is easy, but for the safety I'm completely lost. All the theory I read until now speak about Hamming Distance, or the number of bits that can be corrupted at the same time.
So the question is: there's is some statistical analysis on flash corruption I can use to explain why I used CCITT instead of CRC16 (or CRC32)?


Bye Jack

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