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NXP KW41Z Sniffer - RSSI Power Levels

Question asked by Bob Garrow on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 20, 2017 by Bob Garrow

I've been testing the NXP KW41Z Sniffer for 6 weeks now concentrating on RSSI power levels.   With WireShark, I've successfully tested BLE channels 37,38, and 39.   Unfortunately for ZigBee, WireShark does not capture RSSI power levels.   I'm trying to make Ubilogix's Ubiqua work because it can capture ZigBee RSSI power levels but there is some problem preventing it from working on my system.   So, I need another NXP KW41Z Sniffer compatible software package that can capture ZigBee packets and their related RSSI power levels.

REQUEST: Please recommend NXP KW41Z software, other than Wireshark or Ubiqua, that can capture ZigBee RSSI power levels.   THX


Bob Garrow