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LPC1830 Boot Rom error

Question asked by Koen Van der Aa on May 3, 2017
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We are making a new product with the LPC1830. If i test my software on the LPC-Xplorer demo board everything is fine. But now it should work on our own PCB. 


I use LPCXpresso if i start the debugger the flash is programmed without a error. But the debugger stops at address 0x10406a0c. This is in the 64kB ROM of the chip. This part is responsible for the startup of the chip.


I configured the boot resistors to SPIFI so this could not be the issue. Also al the pins i can measure are going high and not tri state. Is this maybe the problem? 

So if somebody ever saw the same problem or if there is a engineer from NXP how knows what is happening on this address please help me.





Koen Van der Aa