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when I usedCW10.6 import a new project,build,become error.

Question asked by wang haha on May 3, 2017

 This is the error:"No rule to make target`E:/CW10.6/TPMS_FXTH87_LF_RF_Communication_CW10_rev3/FXTH87xx11_CW10_2015_9_APP_AND_BOOT/Sources/app_source/app_global_vars.c', needed by `Sources/app_global_vars_c.obj'. Stop. FXTH87xx11_CW10_2015_9_APP C/C++ Problem."


I chose "Clean Project",build,also error.This project isn't maked by myself. And now I don't know how to do it.I hope some one can help me. Thanks.