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Display Support in iMX6 SCM

Question asked by Kotak Kotak on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Joan Xie

Hi there,


I want to use iMX6 SCM to drive two dual-link LVDS displays.


iMX6 supports 

— One Parallel 24-bit display port, up to 225 Mpixels/sec (for example, WUXGA at 60 Hz or dual HD1080 and WXGA at 60 Hz)
— LVDS serial ports—One port up to 165 Mpixels/sec or two ports up to 85 MP/sec (for example, WUXGA at 60 Hz) each


Please confirm if  we can use two parallel ports with bridge chips. Required resolution for each  display is 1080x1920 24bpp @60fps. The displays need to be driven concurrently.


One more option is that we can use the LVDS port directly for one display and  for the  other display we can use the Parallel port with bridge chip. which is better to be implemented and what things need to be taken care in case of such design requirement.