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MK81FN256VDC15 BSDL and Boundary Scan Testing

Question asked by Jan Heiber on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Jan Heiber


I am having trouble in Boundary Scan testing an MK81FN256VDC15 device, when performing IDCODE scan, the measured return value is 0x4BA00477 instead of the expected one (0x083D901D). I am not sure what I read but I suspect it is a different ID, maybe showing that the device is in a different mode. However, the BSDL does not state anything about so called compliance conditions in order to make it work in Boundary Scan test mode. Can someone please send an up-to-date BSDl file to me ( And maybe comment on the wrong ID value? Many thanks in advance! With best regards

Jan Heiber