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Aborting partial CPU Power-Up

Question asked by Nikhil Rao on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Nikhil Rao

We intend to follow the attached power sequence for the LS1021A CPU.  We are also utilising a MC34VR500V1ES PMIC in our design.


Page 58 of the LS1021A Datasheet (Rev 4, 11/2016), states that "All supplies must be at their stable values within 400ms."    In normal situations with a working board, we will be able to meet this 400ms requirement with a good margin.


But in the event of a failure of the MC34VR500 PMIC, we could have the 3.3V rail (which powers BVDD, D1VDD, DVDD, L1VDD, LVDD, EVDD, USB_HVDD) active for 200 to 300ms before we shut it down with our CPLD.  Would this partial power up (i.e. only powering 3.3V rail) and aborting it within 300ms cause any damage to the LS1021A CPU?


Note we are using a CPLD which is different from the one used in the TWR and IoT boards, as we do not require it to carry out as many functions.