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Impact of SDcard as boot option on the performance of system

Question asked by Aditya Nagal on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by Victor Linnik

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I am working over IMX solo and need to decide the boot option. Here , I am considering the case of sdcard as boot option. As reading from SDcard is slow , so the booting time will increase certainly. Also , as the secondary storage which is SDcard in our case would be mapped as Virtual memory in the operating system. So during execution ,when  page faults occurs ( when page entry is not available in the page table) , operating system will swap-in the page from the secondary storage (Sdcard)  to the main memory i.e. DRAM. So , As per my understanding , this Swap-in and Swap out time will be greater in the case of  SDCard and it will impact the performance of the system. If we use NAND Flash , probably we can minimize the Swap-in and Swap out time . Please confirm.