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MSCAN problem DEMO9S08DZ60

Discussion created by nishant khanna on Aug 4, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2008 by Processor Expert
I am trying to get the MSCAN to work on the DEMO9S08DZ60, been trying to transmit a CAN message.  But while transmitting i am not able to clear the appropriate TEXn bit, the code seems to be ok, just that i am not able to write to this register CANTFLG.  The CAN1_Init routine has been generated from the processor expert. 
I tried to set the CANBTR0 and CANBTR1 to 0x00 and then i could see that i am able to clear the appropriate TEXn in the CANTFLG to 0 to begin transmission, ofcourse it remains stuck at 0 then.  But then when i program these registers to TSEG1 as 5 and TSEG2 as 1 and prescaler as 1 to get a bit rate of 125kbps i am not able to clear the TEXn bit again.
FYI, i am using the board as it is, not connecting it to any CAN bus or any CAN tool, the loopback mode is enabled...i am wondering if it has anything to do with the face that there is no CAN bus available.
Pls advice.