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Clock.c is crashing, Config tool is not set correctly

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Robert Lewis

I have used the clock configuration tool to generate clock.c,h without any errors listed, MK20Dx256ZVll10. I have an external 8Mhz, 12pf xtal for the external req input and need USB and 96 Mhz for the processor. I have the generated files built into the project. However the code gives an assert in the  CLOCK_SetExternalRefClkConfig(oscsel); 


I am trying to run FreeRTOS on this board; it works fine with mqx, but I am unable to set the clocks with the tool. Is there a configured clock.c for this part someone could share or the .mex file. I can't seem to find a working example anywhere. A k40, k60 would also work if available. Thanks for any help