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Question asked by loosecannon on Apr 11, 2017
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I am attempting to connect two boards using an LPC1837 over USB.  Searching for USB host support at NXP, I found the nxpUSBlib


The lib claims host support but also said it is now obsoleted by LPCOpen.





The LPCOpen page shows that there is USB host and device examples; however, downloading 3.01 for the 1837, I see a number of USB rom projects but believe they are all client.  I see no host projects.  The 2.18 for the 1837 does have some LPCUSBlib projects as host.  This leads me to some questions.  If one or more of these were already answered please direct me to the question.  I have been looking through questions and did not find any answers.


Could you please tell me:

1) Were all the host projects using LPCUSBlib in 2.18 obsoleted by a project in the 3.01 version of lpcopen, and by which one?

2) If they were all abandoned without a replacement ready, would the LPCUSBlib_SerialHost from the older LPCOpen libraries 2.18 example be able to work with any of the example client projects with little or no modifications?

3) If there are client projects compatible with the LPCUSBlib_SerialHost, are there any examples or groups of projects for a host to communicate arbitrary data with a client over USB?  Ideally something like a serial port where both sides can asynchronously read and write to a port except at a much higher speed; but we would try to work over any existing scheme if it is real-time.

4) Does the LPC1837 have any ROM support for a host?


Thank you for any help you can provide.  Searching through NXP web site and support site, there is a large amount of USB content but I can’t find any example of a USB host communicating with a USB client.  I would think this would be a common thing.