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How to download img by mfgtool in imx6ul evk board?

Question asked by shaogang zhang on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by Rita Wang

I used imx6ul evk board (SD card). Following the doc after the command "$ bitbake fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs", I got the img files (there are so much similar name in the image folder)for mfgtool using. 

question 1: I want to confirm is there three files that I need download to SD card? Their names are "u-boot.imx"(not u-boot-imx6ulevk-mfgtool.imx?), "zImage_mfgtool" and "zImage-mfgtool-imx6ul-14*14-evk.dtb"

question 2: Where I can get the "rootfs_nogpu.tar", or I just use the one in "mfgtools-with-rootfs.tar"package?

question 3: How to set the "cfg.ini" in mfgtool folder?


By the way, could you give me a link to download the document about use mfgtool?

Thanks a lot!