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Error when changing SDK root

Question asked by Massimo Martelli on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Bryan Cole

the first impression with the tool is really positive, thank you.


I have a problem with the SDK install folder. I want to move it for "my Documents" to my second hdd, because my C disk is getting full. I changed the SDK search root in SDK Options inside the IDE, but as soon as I add a new folder, remove the default folder c:\users\<>\mcuxpresso\SDKPackages and click "apply" I get a "null pointer" java error. After some more attempts I don't get the error anymore, but the original folder is there each time I restart the IDE. And right click on "default location" always takes me to the SDK folder that I want to delete.

I have a windows 7 pc.

I cannot also drag and drop an SDK inside the "installed SDK" view. I must right click on import.

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