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Unable to boot vxWorks 6.9.4

Question asked by Frank Pare on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by Frank Pare
  • I work for Lockheed Martin, Mitchel Field NY. We recently purchased a T2080RDB-PC evaluation board to run
  • a Windriver 6.9.4 OS. However, we have been unable to get the board to bootup using the bootrom.bin supplied
  • by Windriver. It does bootup the Linux but when I switch over (SW3[5]) the board appears to just hand with no
  • obvious indicators of what is wrong - no screen display at all. I have tried using a known good bootrom.bin
  • supplied by WindRiver support with similar results. Also, there is 5W 200ohm resistor that has one end disconnected.
  • I did verify that the bootrom code is burned in correctly to memory at the address indicated in the target.ref
  • file that is included with the fsl_t2080_rdb BSP (page 3).  The address I burned the bootrom.bin to is
  • 0xebf00000.