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MPC5606B could not work well under stop mode after long time run.

Question asked by Hanson He Employee on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by Lukas Zadrapa



Now our customer MPC5606 code could work ok without the setting the STOP low power mode, but after add the STOP mode, one of their product wakeup source is RTC, another product wakeup source is CAN and GPIO, after long time run, all the two product will run crash, we could not know the status, customer need us review their low level code, including the CAN driver in bl_canFBL.c and application code in can_drv_application code.c, watchdog code in Wdg.c file, sleep setting code in RMM.C file. I attached it, thanks. They use CW2.10.

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