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OV5640 mipi driver probe fail [Urgent]

Question asked by anjo john on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by anjo john

Hi All

i am doing a bringup of ov5640-mipi camera with imx6dualite in custom board. The ov5640 driver probe fail to read the chip id. By using MSO found that the driver is not doing any activity in i2c-0 lines. both SDA and SCL are in high state. But the i2cdetect works and it gave me an device id of 0x44, Which is odd since the ov5640 address is 0x3c.

Could anyone help me why i2cdetect is able to drive the i2c line and ov5640-mipi driver can't. I can't doubt pin-muxing in dtb since i2cdetect is working.

Any help is appreciated

OV5640 is connected to i2c-0 alone, no other devices are connected.