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Question about i.MX6 PCIe endpoint?

Question asked by Nick Yang on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Sally Ma


I would like to use i.MX6 PCIe as endpoint and Windows PC's PCIe as RC (Root Complex) and transfer raw 1080p60 YUV422 video from i.MX6 board's video input to PCIe, then to PC. My questions are:


1) Has anybody done such as a system (i.MX6 PCIe as endpoint and Windows PC's PCIe as RC)?

2) i.MX6 PCIe is fast enough to transfer 1080p60 YUV422 video data to PC?

3) When i.MX6 PCIe is used as endpoint, do I need to worry about Window's side PCIe driver? Or i.MX6 can be recognized by Windows automatically?

4) Can the above job be done with an i.MX6 solo? Or I have to use i.MX6 Quad?


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