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mxc_v4l2 : add support for v4l2 advanced debug

Question asked by anjo john on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by anjo john

Hi All,

I am integrating ov5640 mipi camera with imx6 Dualite. For debug (ov5640 register read and write) need to add support for v4l2 advanced debug in driver (Need to read and write register from user-space with v4l2-dbg). Few examples i saw were done with v4l2-subdev core options

static const struct v4l2_subdev_core_ops xxxx_core_ops = {
    .log_status = xxxx_log_status,
    .s_std = xxxx_s_std,
    .reset = xxxx_reset,
    .g_chip_ident = xxxx_g_chip_ident,
    .g_register = xxxx_g_register,
    .s_register = xxxx_s_register,

How to add this to OV5640 driver for debug support