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Is the the SPD EEPROM manditory for the DDR4 part on LS1043ARDB dev board?

Question asked by Tracy Smith on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by Vladimir Koroy

1)  Does the DDR4 part on the LS1043ARDB require the SPD EEPROM, or can it be removed?


2) The SDK 2.0 with the LS1043ardb dev boards, does it have the DDR initialization code in uboot currently and the uboot code reads the DDR characteristics from the SPD EEPROM as part of the uboot code for the SDK 2.0 ls1043ardb? 


2) If we use ls1043ardb DDR4 for a custom board but remove the SPD EEPROM, can we compile the DDR4 initialization characteristics into uboot and eliminate the CAT24C05 SPD EEPROM?


3) Based on the current SDK 2.0 uboot code, if I removed the DDR initialization code from uboot specifically for the LS1043ardb dev board without programming uboot with the initialization characteristics, would the dev board still boot and use DDR not having the DDR initialization code for uboot?