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Coordinator sending duplicate packets to sleepy device

Question asked by Hasmukh Tapaniya on Mar 11, 2017
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I am using SE Profile JN-SW-4164-ZigBee-SmartEnergy1.x-v1432 and Application Note JN-AN-1135-Smart-Energy-HAN-Solutions.I have configured ESP_METER_NODE(Coordinator) on JN5168 hardware.
Communication between ESP_METER_NODE and non sleepy end device working ok.When ESP_METER_NODE starts communication with sleepy end device,
ESP_METER_NODE is sending duplicate packets of responses like match descriptor response,Initiate key Establishment response,Confirm key Response,IEEE response to GSME sleepy device.
In packets APS counter remains same but Network counter is incremented for each packet.This scenario is not happening with non sleepy device communication.

Any configuration required for sleepy device???