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S32 DS for Power v1.1 disassembly

Question asked by Hrvoje Erjavec on Mar 10, 2017
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I am using MPC5744P for development, and I would like to use the disassembly while debugging.

Problem is that I am having unknown instructions in the disassembly: 

It seems it is expecting power instructions, while the actual ones are powerPC. I use powerpc-eabivle-objdump.exe from console to disassemble the code manually, and it works great, but I would like to have it integrated in the S32.


Going through settings I tried to set the path to the right objdump executable, but according to settings it seems the right executable is already used. Eclipse variables might be different than expected and I don't know if I can check how they look like.

According to the project settings in these pictures: 

This configuration should call powerpc-eabivle-objdump which is unique executable in the whole freescale folder, and I checked that the folder containing the executable is included in the environment PATH variable:


Any ideas?