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Issue with sending data with USB UART from K64F to PC

Question asked by Kevin Chicano on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Hi all,


I have just recently started learning K64F and having a bit of an issue with establishing a serial communication channel between my board and Termite 3.3 on my Windows 10 machine.


I followed this guide on how to use AsynchroSerial with Shell but no data comes through. My board runs FreeRTOS kernel and below is a few lines of code that I am trying to run within the main():


for(;;) {
    CLS1_SendStr("Hello World!\r\n", CLS1_GetStdio()->stdOut);


I've set Shell (CLS1) Default Serial to "Enabled" with AsynchroSerial (serial template) as console interface option. 


Inside AsynchroSerial I set Channel to UART0, RxD to UART1_RX_TGTMCU and TxD to UART1_TX_TGTMCU. BaudRate is set to 38400, no parity, 1 stop bit, width 8 bits. Same set of configurations is used in Termite 3.3.


After connecting the board to my PC via USB and running using debug configuration (GDB SEGGAR J-Link Debugging), the LED blink, but no data shows up on my Termite 3.3 terminal if I enable interrupts in AsynchroSerial component. However, disabling interrupts causes it to suddenly start working again...


Any thoughts on what could be an issue?


Thank you for your help!