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How do I install an interrupt service routine in MQX Lite?

Question asked by TIM GACK on Mar 1, 2017
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I am working on a Processor Expert and MQX Lite based project. I would like to include the virtual com port project from SDK version 2.1. This is mostly working, but I'm having some trouble installing the USB0 interrupt service routine into the MQX interrupt table. 


This is the attempt to install the interrupt service routine. This results in execution of the unhandled interrupt exception handler.


PEX_RTOS_InstallInterrupt(INT_USB0, USB0_IRQHandler, NULL);


This is the Processor Expert configuration:



This is the Interrupt Service Routine function:

void USB0_IRQHandler(void *param)


And finally, the INT_USB0 definition:





I had incorrectly configured the interrupts at one point which caused MQX to stop working because systick was missing, but, interestingly the usb device did start working. That configuration looked like this:






So, in light of that I tried offsetting INT_USB0 parameter by -1, which did not work at all.




Any help would with this would be greatly appreciated.