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SDR104/SDIO3.0 on iMX6Q SABRE (MCIMX6Q-SDB) with yocto (4.1.15 Kernel)

Question asked by Murat Senel on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by igorpadykov



I am trying to verify the throughput of an 802.11ac module based on CYW/BCM4339. Although BCM4339 is supposed to deliver close to 250Mbps UDP throughput, the highest I am getting is 135Mmps. 

Digging deeper, I found out that I need to make changes to usdhc2 in imx6qdl-sabresd.dtsi, based on the description here: supporting SDR104 in imx6 board by yocto 

However, supporting SDR104 in imx6 board by yocto  states, that "Not all of imx6 boards can support SDR104".


1) Can you confirm that MCIMX6Q-SDB supports/does not support SDR104?

2) supporting SDR104 in imx6 board by yocto describes the HW changes needed on AI board to support SDR104. Can you please describe the equivalent changes needed for MCIMX6Q-SDB board?

3) Do the dts file changes in  supporting SDR104 in imx6 board by yocto apply to MCIMX6Q-SDB, too, provided that I edit usdhc2 instead of usdhc3.