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How to make the UART Intteruptdriven using the function InterruptInitializeIntDrivenUART?

Discussion created by Andreas Skoglund on Jul 21, 2008
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We are using C.W 8.7 and  MPC8360EA_MDS_PB Rev 2.1

We have been able to establish an duplex communication over UART1 using the functions InitializeUART(), ReadUARTN() and WriteUARTN() as mention in the "CodeWarrior TRK Reference".

Our aim is to make the communication Interruptdriven on the UART input and haven't been able to understand how:

works together and how the "volatile unsigned char** inputPendingPtrRef) in InterruptInitializeIntDrivenUART is to be used.

Could anyone provide me with an example of how to make an input UART interruptdriven?

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