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LPC 183x-Xplorer ISP programing not working

Question asked by vamshi krishna on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Hi Folks,

I have LPC183x-Xplorer development board, I am working to verify ISP firmware download over UART0 using P2_0 & P2_1 pins available on header J8.

I have put the board in ISP mode by pressing SW2 switch at reset, I see D3 (Blue LED glowing) indicating that it entered ISP mode.


I opened Tera-Term @ 9600 and entered character "?" from host, I did not receive any message from device


I also tried to program using Flash-Magic tool, after bringing board in ISP mode. I see the below error


Bit mode selection pins P2_9, P2_8, P1_2, and P1_1 = 0,0,0,1 with boot select switch J4


Please let me know If I have missed any thing in the procedure. Thanks in advance.