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PTN3460 Master Mode EDID location

Question asked by Jason Spano on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Jason Spano

Hello --


We are using a PTN3460 to translate DisplayPort data to LVDS. We are finding that the EDID data that is stored in the EEPROM is not being sent to the PC the display is hooked up to. It seems that the configuration data is being read, as we can display an image on the display in question, but it takes a considerable amount of configuration on the PC side to get this to work. Essentially, we are inputting the EDID data manually on the PC side to get the timing on the display to work.


One thing that's not clear, which we believe is the core issue, is that we do not understand where in SRAM the external EDID data is transferred. The default for EDID emulation control (configuration register 0x84) is 0x09, which point to EDID 4. The RAM map shows that the configuration data for the part gets stored at the end of RAM, which suggests that the EDID data is stored in EDID 6, since this would be a continuous read of the external EEPROM. I could also understand this being put in EDID 0, since it is the first one, and at the top of the RAM mapping.


The programming guide is not clear. Other than this issue, everything seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.



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