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Documentation improvement - please list special pins in a table.

Question asked by Jeffrey Casey on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by jamesbone

I would like to find succinct lists of special pins for each processor I use.


Example:  I am writing code for a client's job using the LPC2388, and just wasted half a day chasing a bug that seemed impossible, till I found buried in the documentation (user manual section 10.5.1 as a "remark" that GPIO pins P0.29 and P0.30 had to have the same direction defined.       In prior jobs, I have wasted similar time ultimately finding equally obscure notes that certain pins entered trace diagnostics if held low at boot, etc etc.


These are critical items for the circuit designer.   Can you PLEASE, on future documentation updates, include a short table upfront somewhere (i.e. beginning of chapters 8 or 9 on pin definitions) that note all special functions:    pins that should not be held low at boot, pins that are open-drain, pins that are not 5V compliant, or really weird stuff like the one that caught me today.


Thank you.   

Jeff Casey

Rockfield Research Inc.