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MPC5748G Datasheet (Rev.3) - possible typo

Question asked by Carl Van Wormer on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Lukas Zadrapa

In the Absolute maximum ratings, the notes are:

3. VDD_HV_FLA must be connected to VDD_HV_A when VDD_HV_A = 3.3V
4. VDD_HV_FLA must be disconnected from ANY power sources when VDD_HV_A = 5V


In section 4.2, Recommended operating conditions, the notes are:

If VDD_HV_A is in 3.3V range, VDD_HV_FLA should be externally supplied using a 3.3V source. If VDD_HV_A is in 3.3V range, VDD_HV_FLA should be shorted to VDD_HV_A.



Should the first part of the 4.2 note be:

"If VDD_HV_A is in 5Vrange, VDD_HV_FLA should be externally supplied using a 3.3V source" ?




Another note in the recommended conditions is:

If VDD_HV_A is in 5V range, it is necessary to use internal
Flash supply 3.3V regulator. VDD_HV_FLA should not be
supplied externally and should only have decoupling capacitor.


In Figure 2. Voltage regulator capacitance connection, the VDD_HV_FLA pin is shown as just connecting to a capacitor, bypassing the internal regulator, but no voltages are indicated.


It appears that there is some rule relating to this pin that has not been fully explained.  Is there more information on the problem that is being solved by these various instructions?