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Which CAN registers are used to change bit rate

Question asked by Kirti Raje on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

I am developing my application on Kinetis K64 with Kinetics Studio 3.2 with ProcessorExpert.

I used ProcessorExpert to generate code for CAN component.

My application has to communicate on a CAN bus, so I use the CAN_LDD embedded component.


My application needs to set the CAN bus bit-rate  run time.

But in the CAN_LDD component I did not find methods to set bit rate.

I have tried to look into CAN init code for changes in register values for different baud rate (250 kbps and 500 kbps) but I did not find the specific registers related to baud rate.

What are the registers whose value need to be changed to set bit rate run time?