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writeuart and readuart functions causes error at 0x0DE86500

Discussion created by Andreas Skoglund on Jul 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2008 by Tom Thompson
We are using C.W 8.7 and  MPC8360EA_MDS_PB.
Stack Address is at: 0xf03dff0 and no head stack is used.
Target initialization file used is: 8360_rev2_init.cfg (that comes with CW).

We wrote a program in assembler to fill our 256GB SO-DIMM DDR2 memory (WV3HG32M72EEU-PD4) with a specific datapattern. That went well and range of the memory (in our case we selected 0x0000FFFF-0x0FFFFFFF) then contained our datapattern just like we wanted it to be.

After the memory contains the our datapattern we are using writeuart and readuart functions since we want to send out some datastrings over the RS-232, that works good too.

But after these uart-functions has been used, data has been altered at the address 0x0DE86500 and we don't understand what causes this.

Anyone that has any clues what could cause this?

SAAB Communication, Sweden