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K60 uart, PF and FE flags problem

Question asked by Veronica Malori on Jan 24, 2017


I'm working with the K60 microcontroller, in  particular the UART0 peripheral.

I can't make it run properly.

In attached you can find the initialization function.

I set M (9 bits), PE (parity enable) and PT (odd parity) bits in C1 register and RX-TX interrupt is enabled.

When I send a byte, the UART adds the bit parity properly.

When I receive a byte with wrong bit parity, the bit PF in S1 register isn't set. (In the attached file, K60 never sets PE in S1 register and it doesn't goes in 

if (StatusUART & UART_S1_PF_MASK)


I have done several tries but I can't find the solution.

Is the peripheral correctly configured? Do I correctly read/manage S1 register?




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